Snake Plant Meaning, Spiritual Benefit & Symbolism


You have probably come across snake plants if you’re a fan of indoor plants or want to dip your toe in the water.

You can find them at workplaces, residences, hotels, and restaurants because they are among the most popular houseplants.

Although snake plants are the most sought-after plant for air purification, their spiritual advantages are no less significant.

This post will go through the snake plant’s main spiritual uses, symbolism, and meaning.


The snake plant symbolizes fresh starts, luck, purification, protection, resilience, and self-assurance. The plant has air-purifying properties and requires low maintenance. According to Feng Shui, the snake plant is a powerful symbol of positive energy, protection, and good luck. It brings a calming and peaceful atmosphere to any space. It acts as a symbol of good luck, purity, and positivity. The plant is also used for unique purposes as both protection and to encourage positivity in people’s lives.

Snake Plant Meaning

Due to the plant’s pointed leaves, which resemble a snake standing still, it is known as the snake plant. To purge unhealthy air, snake plants are typically planted inside.

Since it also produces oxygen at night, it is referred to as a bedroom plant. It is a symbol of positive energy and has positive effects on one’s health.

The dracaena genus includes snake plants, popularly known as Mother-in-law’s Tongue and Sansevieria. The snake plant is renowned for producing oxygen at night and absorbing poisonous indoor air during the day.

People who possess supernatural qualities put snake plants in their bedrooms. The Sansevieria plant is a perfect houseplant since it offers many other medically supported advantages besides cleaning and enhancing indoor air quality.

Since the snake plant represents harmony, purity, and prosperity, its spiritual benefits have long been known.

Although the Sansevieria genus is unquestionably a bit out-of-date, many people still use the term Sansevieria to refer to snake plants.

Whatever name you wish to give them, snake plants all come from Africa’s tropical region. Because of this, it is not unexpected that they enjoy warmer weather and do best when exposed to lots of indirect sunlight.

Snake plants can be identified by their upright, stiff leaves that emerge from underground rhizomes. Snake plants typically come in shades of yellow, green, or white.

What is the Symbolism of the Snake Plant?

A snake plant is an unusual and fascinating plant with various symbolic connotations.

1) Snake plants are frequently regarded as a symbol of protection.

The plant is renowned for its capacity to clean and purify the air. Because of this, it’s a great plant to have in your house if you want to create a wholesome atmosphere.

2) Snake plants are viewed as emblems of knowledge.

This is because they are reputed to be very clever plants with excellent environmental adaptation skills. They are also renowned for their capacity to endure challenging circumstances, a quality frequently linked to wisdom.

3) Snake plants are sometimes regarded as symbols of strength.

They are renowned for their resilience in the face of adversity and drought periods. They are also resilient enough to survive neglect, which is frequently a sign of strength in individuals.

4) Snake plants are also considered to be emblems of selflessness.

They are not picky and will accept everything you feed them.

5) Wisdom

They are reputed to be wise and capable of imparting the virtues of patience, stillness, and serenity to others.

6) Humility

The snake plant is seen as a representation of humility. The snake plant is viewed as a representation of humility as well.

7) Fortune

People who have them in their homes are also said to receive luck and fortune from them.

8) Perfection

As a representation of perfection, they can instruct others on how to attain perfection and complete tasks accurately the first time.

Spiritual Meanings and Benefits of Snake Plant

The mother-in-tongue laws are yet another name for it. This succulent is indigenous to Africa. The plant’s long, slender leaves, which frequently have green and white stripes, give it its name.

Snake plants are low maintenance and a great addition to any office or home. Snake plants have aesthetic appeal, but they also have several spiritual benefits.

1) Snake plants stand for fresh starts

Consider bringing a snake plant into your house if you’re beginning a new chapter for added luck when a new adventure is about to start. You should keep this unique plant in your home. In addition to the lucky energy it offers, it also conveys a profound message that gives people the fortitude to accept change as a fact of life.

2) Snake plants can aid in air purification in your residence or workplace

These resilient tiny plants are renowned for their capacity to remove pollutants and enhance indoor air quality. You can gain this scientific advantage from using the snake plant. Try introducing the snake plant to an environment if you notice an unpleasant odor.

It will contribute to enhancing the ambiance. It eliminates all offensive odors. Xylene and toluene, which are present in most paints and nail polish removers, are also easily absorbed by them.

4) Financial success

According to legend, the snake plant can also assist you in attracting good fortune and financial success. Therefore, consider maintaining a snake plant in your house or office if you need extra assistance.

5) A restful sleep

This is for those who struggle to get a decent night’s rest. Your mind will be more peaceful if you have this plant in your space. It relieves all types of mental tension and allows you to sleep soundly. As a result, if you struggle with insomnia, this herb can assist you.

6) Defense against demonic forces 

With the help of this plant, demonic forces will avoid you. Have nefarious spirits ever troubled you? Then you should keep this plant nearby. It can shield you from these harmful influences.

Additionally, it can prevent you from having unpleasant dreams. Get this plant for your home to construct an invisible shield of protection around you. It can be put wherever you like.

7) Self-assurance

When you imagine getting this plant as a gift, it conveys an encouraging message. Having a snake plant in your dream encourages self-assurance. It was provided to boost your self-confidence.

This spiritual dream might help people who are low in self-esteem. When you receive a sign like this, the time has come to accept who you are and have faith in your abilities.

8) Handle adversity

Snake plants can be offered to you as a spiritual omen because of their resilience in adverse weather conditions. The universe sends you a specific message when you dream about them (during a trying time in your life). This motivates you to persevere through challenging times. All will be well very soon.

9) Luck

Snake plants are lucky for us. So, think positively about it. This plant will bring you luck if you keep it close by. It also allows you to be more positive.

10) You Are Taking Enough Action

Have there ever been times when you’ve felt like you’re not doing enough? I want you to understand that these feelings are common.

Most frequently, it occurs due to your previous efforts’ failure to produce desired results. But having this plant nearby gives you comfort in knowing that you are truly doing more than enough. It provides enough motivation to continue.

Snake Plant: Good or Bad Luck?

It’s important to clarify that snake plants are not associated with bad luck. In fact, the snake is revered as a potent symbol of metamorphosis in many cultures.

While some religious and philosophical systems may connect snakes to bad luck, there is no concrete evidence to support the idea that snake plants themselves bring bad luck.

In feng shui, snake plants are often used to generate positive energy. They are well-known for their air-purifying properties and are believed to bring luck.

So, if you’re looking for a plant that can bring good fortune, the snake plant is indeed a wise choice.

Moreover, the snake plant has a long history of being used in spiritual ceremonies and folk medicine. It is believed to bring luck, safety, and even healing properties.

So, far from being a source of bad luck, snake plants are considered quite auspicious in various cultural and spiritual contexts.

Where Should I Place the Snake Plant?

There are a few things to consider when deciding where to put your snake plant. What does the snake plant signify spiritually, first?

The snake plant is regarded as bringing luck and fortune by prehistoric beliefs. Additionally, it is thought to ward against negativity and evil spirits.

The following four locations are the best for your snake plant:

1) In front of your door: This will shield your house from bad karma and let only positive energy in.

2) The snake plant helps filter the air and promote restful sleep in your bedroom.

3) At your desk: Keep the snake plant nearby to improve concentration and productivity while working or studying.

4) In your car: The snake plant will neutralize the stress of gridlock and shield you from mishaps.

Final Words

There is a long tradition of spiritual use for the snake plant. In addition to being claimed to bring luck and riches, the plant is also said to help fend off evil spirits.

The snake plant is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a plant to add to your house for its symbolic value.

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