Spiritual Meaning of Tears from Right Eye and Left Eye


People have always thought that tears are a powerful and important part of being human. They can show sadness, happiness, or a lot of other things.

But in many spiritual traditions, tears are also thought to mean something deeper and more important. People think they have something to do with the spiritual world that goes beyond letting emotions out.

This blog post will discuss the different spiritual meanings of tears from the right and left eyes.


Tears from the right eye are interpreted as a sign of divine blessings, a desire for healing and staying healthy, a longing for someone, inner battles, and a connection with the divine. On the other hand, tears from the left eye are associated with pain, avoiding discussing problems with others, and keeping personal challenges to oneself, and may indicate feelings of hopelessness or extinguished hope.

What is the Meaning of Tears in the Left and Right Eyes?

Tears in the left and right eyes can carry various meanings in different cultural beliefs and superstitions. In some cultures, crying from the left eye is associated with sadness, while shedding tears from the right eye may symbolize joy or happiness.

Medically, tearing can indicate underlying conditions such as dry eye syndrome, allergies, or blocked tear ducts. Emotional factors like stress, grief, or even happiness can trigger tear production.

The act of crying is considered a natural emotional response that helps in relieving stress and expressing feelings. Observing patterns of tear production in different eyes can be a personal or superstitious interpretation, rather than a scientifically proven phenomenon.

Understanding the individual’s emotional state and context is crucial in interpreting the meaning behind tears in the left and right eyes.

The Spiritual Meaning of Tears

1) Spiritual cleansing

One of the most prevalent spiritual beliefs surrounding tears is that they serve as a mechanism for releasing pent-up emotions. Tears play a pivotal role in assisting individuals in processing challenging feelings such as grief, anger, and fear.

Moreover, they contribute to alleviating stress and tension, facilitating the release of negative energy and enabling emotional progression.

In essence, tears can be viewed as a profound form of spiritual purification, aiding in the liberation from detrimental karma and providing a fresh start for individuals seeking emotional renewal and growth.

2) Humility

Humility is often attributed as a spiritual significance of tears, reflecting a recognition of our vulnerabilities and a willingness to seek assistance from higher forces.

Through tears, we acknowledge our own limitations and express a readiness to be guided and supported by the divine presence surrounding us.

Shedding tears can serve as a powerful release, allowing us to set aside our pride and ego, creating space within us to embrace the wisdom and guidance that the universe has to offer.

3) Spiritual awakening

Tears have been intertwined with spiritual awakening and enlightenment across various spiritual traditions throughout history. The act of shedding tears is believed to symbolize a profound connection to the divine or a heightened comprehension of life’s mysteries.

Furthermore, tears are seen as a symbolic release, signifying the relinquishment of outdated habits and beliefs to create space for fresh perspectives and growth.

In essence, tears serve as a poignant catalyst for personal development and spiritual evolution, offering individuals a transformative path to self-discovery and a deeper connection with their spiritual essence.

4) Path to connect with the supreme force

Tears can serve as a profound means to connect with the divine presence. They carry the weight of our unspoken desires, deepest fears, and heartfelt aspirations.

Through tears, we articulate our requests for assistance and direction, while also expressing gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon us.

By allowing tears to stream from our eyes, we open ourselves to the transcendent power and infinite wisdom of the universe, letting its guiding energy flow through us.

5) Self-gratitude

In various spiritual traditions, shedding tears is not only seen as a sign of gratitude and appreciation but also as a profound way to express thanks for the positive occurrences in our lives. It serves as a gentle reminder to cherish and find joy in the blessings we possess.

Furthermore, tears can symbolize a dedication to one’s spiritual journey and act as a gentle nudge to remain aligned with our chosen spiritual beliefs and practices.

6) Kindness and compassion

Tears can also serve as a powerful emotional indicator of empathy and connection with others. When we shed tears, it signifies our ability to empathize with the pain and challenges faced by others, reflecting our desire to offer support and care.

Similarly, tears can act as a poignant reminder to extend kindness, compassion, and self-love not only to others but also to ourselves, emphasizing the importance of gentleness in our interactions and self-reflection.

Spiritual Significance of the Right Eye Watering

The first spiritual interpretation associated with having water in your right eye indicates that all hope has been extinguished. That is, you no longer believe you will ever succeed.

This will happen when you’ve tried hard for a long time to break out of some bad cycles, but things aren’t getting better.

When you notice that your right eye is beginning to water, it indicates that you are giving up hope of becoming successful or changing that bad habit.

Also, another spiritual meaning of right eye-watering has to do with not being able to concentrate. Have you ever noticed that it’s almost impossible to focus on what’s ahead when your right eye is watery? Well, you should pay attention to this if you haven’t already.

So, the next time your right eye is tearing up, ask yourself questions that will help you get back on track. This is a sign that you are letting problems around you keep you from seeing the great opportunities in front of you.

The spiritual meaning of the right eye-watering depends on what people are going through and how they feel about themselves.

Spiritual Meaning of the Left Eye Watering

When your left eye starts to tear up, you should stop and ask, “Why?” This is because your left eye shouldn’t be watering for no reason. Tears shouldn’t come out of your eyes unless you’re sad or happy.

So, if neither of those emotional energies caused your left eye to water, this is spiritual. A watery left eye means a deep search for answers in the spiritual world. In the spiritual world, water can help people get clear.

This is why your soul sends water to your left eye. People think the water will clean your left eye and make it easier for you to see. People always get answers after the water in their left eye has dried, according to a myth.

Spiritual Meanings of Tears From the Right Eye

When tears fall from the right eye, they send spiritual messages. When you suddenly cry from your right eye, one or more of the spiritual meanings in this article are probably to blame.

1) Good luck

As a sign of good luck, you will suddenly start to cry from your right eye. From a spiritual point of view, the right eye is linked to the eye of Horus, which means luck. Every time you cry from your right eye, consider it a possible spiritual sign of good luck.

It means that something good is about to happen in your life that will make you cry tears of joy.

2) You want to get well

The right eye is linked to the eye of Horus. The eye of Horus is a sign of healing from God in the spiritual world. That is, if you see the eye of Horus in a dream or as a spiritual sign, your body will get better. So, if you see a tear in your right eye, you want to be healthy.

Also, it is a spiritual sign that you will be healthy forever. People think that a tear from the right eye brings healing energy from the eye of Horus to the person who sheds the tear.

3) A change on the inside

People will start to cry from their right eyes, which is thought to be a physical sign of an inner change. People believe that when tears come out of the right eye, they let go of all the wrong ideas that have kept them stuck for a long time.

So, if your right eye is watering, you should take it seriously. It shows a change and transformation on the inside.

In the Bible, this is called a work of the spirit on the inside or a reformation by the word of God. So, you should let the tears stop on their own. As soon as this happens, the process is done.

4) You long for someone

Do you know you can miss someone without even realizing it? The universe can give you a hint by making your right eye tear up.

When you think of someone, and a tear comes out of your right eye, you miss that person. It’s okay to miss the person. You should take the tear as a sign. If the person is nearby, you can see them and talk about old times. But if the person is far away, call them to see how they are doing.

5) You have to be strong

In the spiritual realm, the right eye symbolizes the struggles and triumphs fought on the inside. Nevertheless, if something is wrong with your right eye, it is a spiritual indicator that you are falling behind in the fight and a sign that you are losing the war.

The eye of Horus was a sign that a battle would be won. From a spiritual point of view, this has to do with the right eye.

But when your right eye tears up, you are about to lose the battle and need to get stronger to keep fighting. This sign is a promise from the universe that you will find the strength you need.

6) Spiritual sight

You might get tears in your right eye when you’re about to have a vision. When this happens, you are about to open your spiritual eyes. This is a sign that a spiritual vision is about to happen.

There are times when this happens to prophets. Also, people who don’t usually see spiritual things often have this happen to them.

7) Letting go of the past

Your past will leave you when you cry from your right eye. If you’ve been holding on to your past for a long time, it will be easy to let go of it when you cry from your right eye. With this, you’ll be able to move on with your life without feeling bad about anything.

Spiritual Meanings of Tears From the Left Eye

1. Emotional healing and release

When tears come from your left eye, it can mean that you are letting out emotions that have been stored inside you. These tears help to release feelings of sadness, stress, or even happiness, making you feel lighter and more at peace.

It’s like when you cry after a tough day and suddenly feel better. Crying can be a natural way for your body to heal emotionally. This process allows your heart and mind to reset and feel stronger. In a way, it’s your body’s method of taking care of your emotional health.

2. Connection to deeper intuition

Tears from the left eye might also mean that you are tuning into your inner thoughts and feelings more deeply.

Intuition is like a gut feeling that helps you understand things without needing to think about them too much. These tears can show that you are more in touch with these instincts.

Being intuitive can help you make better decisions because you are listening to yourself. It’s like having an internal guide that helps you know what is right or wrong. This connection can make you more aware of the world around you.

3. Sign of spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening is when you start to see the world in a new, more meaningful way. Tears from the left eye can be a sign that you are going through this process. It means you might be becoming more aware of the bigger picture in life, beyond just daily routines.

This awakening can make you feel more connected to everything around you. It’s like suddenly understanding a part of life you never noticed before. These tears can mark the beginning of a journey to find deeper purpose and meaning.

4. Communicating with the divine

Sometimes, people believe that tears from the left eye are a way of connecting with a higher power or the divine. This could be a moment when you feel close to something greater than yourself, like a spiritual being or a sense of universal love.

It’s a way of receiving messages or feelings from this higher power. This connection can provide comfort and guidance during challenging times.

It’s like having a silent conversation with a force that cares about you. This experience can make you feel less alone and more supported.

5. Releasing past life emotions

Some people think that tears from the left eye can help release emotions from past lives. This idea is based on the belief that your soul has lived multiple lives and carries memories and emotions from those experiences.

These tears can help let go of old emotional baggage that you might not even be aware of. It’s like cleaning out a closet that’s been cluttered for years.

Releasing these emotions can free you from feelings that may be holding you back. This process can help you move forward with a clearer mind and heart.

Biblical Meaning of Tears From Left and Right Eye

Depending on the context in which tears are talked about in the Bible, they can mean many different things. Some examples include:

1) Tears of repentance

In the Bible, tears can show that someone is sorry for their sins and wants to change. In Psalm 51:17, David says, “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; O God, you will not turn away from a broken and contrite heart.”

2) Tears of sadness

Tears can also show sorrow and grief. In Isaiah 38:5, King Hezekiah cried a lot when he found out he was going to die.

3) Joyful tears

Tears can also be a sign of happiness and thanks. In John 11:35, Jesus cried at the tomb of his friend Lazarus, but it wasn’t just because he was sad. It was also because he loved him.

4) Tears of intercession

Tears can also be a sign of appeal, which is pleading with God on behalf of others. In Exodus 32:11–14, for example, Moses begs God to let the Israelites live even though they had worshipped idols.

5) Tears can also show that you care about and empathize with others

In Matthew 9:36, for example, Jesus was moved by compassion when he saw all the people, so he healed the sick people who were among them.

Spiritual Meaning of Dry Eyes

If you are experiencing dry eyes, it could be signaling a lack of spiritual activity. Picture your spiritual realm as a neutral desert landscape, lacking vibrancy and life.

This barrenness may subtly hint at a possible absence of spiritual insight or vision within you. Take this as a gentle nudge to explore and nurture your spiritual side, enriching the desert of your spirit with the waters of wisdom and clarity.

Embrace this moment as an opportunity to delve deeper into your spiritual journey and revitalize the essence of your being.

Final Words

People who cry from their right eye are very spiritual and sensitive. Don’t think it’s normal every time it happens to you. There could be a message from the spirit world for you.

In the Bible, tears are usually signs of a strong emotional response, such as sadness, repentance, joy, intercession, or compassion.

They can also show how humble you are and how much you depend on God. They can also show how close and intimate you are with God.

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